richard ayersIn 1956, a professional engineer named A. Richard Ayers developed a product called the "Pre-Vent". Richard needed a place to manufacture his new product so he founded Central Illinois Manufacturing Company (CIMCO) in Bement, Illinois. The "Pre-Vent" is a fill cap with a pressure and vacuum release that reduces evaporation in gasoline storage tanks and helps maintain the quality of stored fuel. Over 50 years later, the "Pre-Vent" cap is still being manufactured by CIMCO. The young company struggled to exist with job-shop contracts, while Richard continued his research on a fuel filter requested by a large petroleum distributor. In 1958, the "Clean-Flow" filter was introduced to the market. It was followed by a "Gas-O-Line" series, now known as our 200 line. Later CIMCO established the trade name "Cim-Tek Filtration".

Over the years, the Company continues to innovate filtration and develop new products. It is a testament to our beginnings that all our original products — the "Pre-Vent" and 200 line filter — are available today. Now, Cim-Tek filters are available worldwide through our sales representatives.

Today, the Company continues as a family-owned and operated business. From the beginning, the key to success has been responding to customer needs in the changing world of filtration. Today, filtration is a necessity in a wide variety of petroleum, diesel fuel, hydraulic and industrial equipment applications. Our customers have come to expect us to provide quality and innovation.

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